ICAR- Land Records Management System (LRMS) is an integrated system which provides land record information of all institutions along with their Regional Stations. The system keeps the online record as total land area, land utilization details (Farm area, Research Area, area under building, area under sports ground/park/green area, forest area, vacant land), Ownership description as per revenue record, Date of Possession as per revenue record, Date Acquisition, Free hold land/leased hold, Lease Period, Date Start for lease, Date of renewal of Lease etc.

ICAR-LRMS would save time and energy unnecessarily required for collection of data repeatedly and also help in better management of land record in future. The information obtained from this system can be readily used for deciding the future policies for land management by council. ICAR-LRMS would also generate advisory and send an email to the Director of the institute, Administrate Head (Head of Administration) along with Director (Works) about expiry of lease where lease would expire within one year.

This software has been developed by IT Unit, ICAR-IASRI in collaboration with ICT Section of ICAR Hq.

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